I have been on these capsules for two weeks, so I can write a more or less substantial review on them, I guess. So, I used to suffer from intestinal issues and had tried many pills, but this gave me little to no results. I almost gave up. I purchased this product hoping that it would give me some relief, and the result showed almost immediately: according to the doctor, my digestive health has improved quite significantly. I was unbelievably happy to have found a medicine that really works (look about skin care more -!

I have been suffering from IBS-D since I was 18, and this actually incurable disease has caused a lot of problems and discomfort to me in both personal and professional life. I have tried a lot of medical products to improve my condition, and this one seems to be the most effective of them so far. I'm on week three, and I definitely see the result: I feel much better now than I used to before I started taking these capsules, and even some trigger foods I used to avoid altogether don't cause me any problems now.

I had been having serious digestive problems for a long time, and visited many different doctors. One of them recommended this medicine as a very effective probiotic, and it did work. I noticed the improvement of my condition after some 2 days of taking this probiotic. I noticed the reversal of my symptoms with little to no bad side effects. However, I have to warn you that it is strongly recommended to consult with the doctor before starting this (or any other) medicine.

There are certain ingredients in this probiotic that make me doubt about recommending it to my patients. First and foremost, it contains sugar, which suppresses your immune system and is absolutely unsuitable for people with yeast infections, IBS/IBD and Celiac disease. Then, there is Magnesium Stearate, a lubricate substance used to make the manufacturing of capsules easier and faster. However, this ingredient is bad for people with sensitive digestive systems, so why add it to a probiotic? Also, Propyl Gallate found in this product has been reported to increase the risk of breast cancer in women. Then, we find Titanium Dioxide among the ingredients: this is a popular ingredient added to many tablets, but it does not give any benefits to your body, it just makes the pills and capsules white and shiny. And, finally, there is Artificial Color FD&C Blue #1, a very toxic coloring substance. This ingredient alone would make a medical product suspicious to me.

These capsules have done nothing good to me. I only noticed the aggravation of my condition. I had gasses and bloating soon after starting it, but I didn't care much, thinking that the side effect was temporary. Then, I started to feel that I only had more gas, more bloating, more frequent and severe constipations, and my overall health seemed weaker. I stopped taking Align and my condition began to improve. I have read a lot of positive feedback on this medicine, but unfortunately, this wasn't any magical (or at least somewhat helpful!) pill for me.