Chefs in Training

Let's talk about carbohydrates, fats and proteins shall we. Those poor carbs and fats are treated as the enemy while we are informed we should eat more protein than we actually need. It's important to have plenty of carbs as they supply us with energy. However, we want to make sure we are eating the healthy ones for our bodies, such as brown rice, sweet potato and oatmeal. These are some of the healthy starchy carbohydrates. Did you know that fruits and veggies consist mostly of carbs too? Of course they have protein and trace amounts of fat as well - but unrefined carbohydrates are what fruits and veggies have the most of. Start filling your plate with those healthy plant carbohydrates and watch your energy levels soar, including enhancement mens force, some ageless male.

We also actually do need to have some fats in our diet, but again be careful which ones you eat. The healthy fats I'm referring to are avocados, nuts and seeds, and olives. I like to throw a handful of nuts on my oatmeal in the morning and use half an avocado on my salad every day. This way I can be sure these types of fats are helping to build my brain cells instead of causing damage that other fats can.

Our students learned the importance of healthy carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Then they enjoyed making their own guacamole to add to their snack of brown rice and black beans. They practiced their chef skills as they worked together to make guacamole for their groups. We showed them how to properly cut open an avocado and dice up tomatoes. Many of them were overpowered by the smell of garlic and onion but we assured them, these would add delicious flavor to their food. They were all so excited and wanted to try every step that I feel we have some budding chefs on our hands. Let's see what other food we can make as the school year progresses. Head over to the Recipes section to snag our Guacamole recipe to make with your students.

Let's get out of the classroom!

I always enjoy field trip days when we can leave the classroom behind and explore the world. We took our fifth graders from one of our schools to the farmers market so they could buy some fresh produce and have a chance to speak to people selling the food. They were able to learn about farmer's markets in their area and speak to the farmers who had brought their produce to sell. Through their investigations, they found out that some of them had traveled down from upstate New York to bring their goods to those living in the city. Armed with free health bucks (farmer's market coupons) the students were allowed to purchase some food to bring home. They found themselves loaded with apples, carrots, kale, pears, broccoli and much more. After learning how to make applesauce we had a picnic lunch on the grass.

When I returned to their school the following week, many students shared that their families were excited to have the food they brought home and all enjoyed cooking with it. We are hoping this adventure will lead to many more trips to the farmer's market for our students. We encourage you to check out one near where you live and enjoy the experience of buying fresh produce along with the interactions with those who grow it.